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Behind Afroca Eat, there is a team with many personalities and talents. From the salesman to the CEO, from the mafé fan to the Colombian fan .. everyone meets ... with a common goal, to become the world leader in booking and ordering online restaurant Afro, Caribbean, Halal and Cuisine du World.

Web Designer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Account Manager, ... believe us, there is something for everyone.

Much more than a booking site Afroca Eat, is a real urban and community gastronomic guide that brings together!

What will your missions be?

We are looking for our next Business Developer in Toronto.

Attached (e) to a manager of the business development pole, your role will be to look for new restaurants. You are in charge of making our services known to restaurants and to make them adhere to our platform of reservation, of order online and our services.

As a real expert in your area, you target the restaurants that will be most requested by our users Afroca Eat to sell our online booking platform. Your mission is to build strong partnerships with restaurateurs. Your missions are: Understand our strategy, take ownership and deploy it in the field.

Target potential restaurants based on Marketing recommendations and based on your knowledge of the local CHR fabric.

Analyze customer needs, carry out a complete sale of Afroca Eat products: modules installed on the restaurant's website, its FB or Instagram page, the sale of the photo packs, the calibration of the training in connection with Afroca Eat's training department.

Negotiate the implementation of operations (promotions, loyalty program) to build win-win partnerships with our partner restaurants.

Establish an efficient organization in agreement with your manager to spread your schedule between prospecting and customer appointments.

Know how to effectively report information collected in the field and steer its daily activity to achieve its monthly objectives

What we are looking for at home

You have at least 3 to 5 years of experience.

You are a business developer at heart: prospecting does not scare you.

You already have a solid sales experience

You are very comfortable in contact with people and you are eye-catching; You inspire confidence in your customers with a good understanding of their needs. Your abilities to convince and persuade are recognized.

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